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Jet Spy Computer Recorder 1.01

Jet Spy Computer Recorder 1.01: Computer Recorder, Email Recorder, Chat Room Recorder, AOL Spy, PC Spy, Chat Spy Spy on computer activity! Records all PC actions and secret conversations. Spy on chats, websites, programs used, emails, and more. Software emails activity logs of all users activity to email. Email Recorder, Chat Room Recorder, AOL Spy, PC Spy, Computer Surveillance Software Record All Activity and sends email logs to any email. Jet Spy Records All Computer Activity. Enforce Work Employee`s, Spy on Your Spouse, plus more... Email Spy, Chat Spy

Spydetect 3.0: Spy detect will detect and alert the user if your pc is under surveillance
Spydetect 3.0

spy programs available that will scan your hard drive looking for known spy files but this is limited because many spy programs can be installed using random file names or you can rename the files with any name you like. Spy detect performs a scan but this is just in case you have a known spy file. Spy detects main feature is the Data fill test which is unique to Spy detect and very accurate in detecting spy software installed on your pc. Spy detect

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Elite Spy Software 3.5

Spy Software works in low-kernel 100% stealth mode and gurantees that all keystrokes on the local PC are recorded and stored into encrypted user-friendly report, which can be secretly e-mailed to your mailbox. You can also save all the spy activity invisibly to the shared network drive and remotely monitor computers. Elite Key Logger is a unique Spy Software. Unlike other Spy Software it can also capture Windows XP logon password and Windows 2000

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SMS Spy Software V1.0: SMS spy software (also called SMS spyware) enables you to spy on SMS.
SMS Spy Software V1.0

If you want the “best of the best” SMS spy software, that can do everything you’ll ever need, regardless of your reasons for wanting to spy on any cell phone, then look no further than sms spy pro. sms spy pro is the most advanced SMS spy software available on the market. If you want the best and easy way to spy on any cell phone, then you can’t go wrong with SMS spy pro. It offers features not found anywhere else.

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SpyCapture 1.4.5: SpyCapture is advanced PC security and monitoring software.
SpyCapture 1.4.5

SpyCapture is a small tool that enabled you to monitoring your computer when you are away. SpyCapture will capture the screen display, keystroke and mouse pointer in frequence that depend on your own choice. SpyCapture will then encrypt the picture and keystrokes and store it in somewhere on your computer directory and you can view it anytimes you wish. SpyCapture is a very smart program, it is running in the background everytime or by given date

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SPY Remover 2011.16: SPY Remover - Cutting-Edge AntiSpyware Removal and Protection.
SPY Remover 2011.16

SPY Remover uses the latest in cutting-edge anti-spyware technology to protect you from the latest spyware threats. No other program can provide you with this level of Adware and Spyware protection while preventing time-wasting pop-up advertisements. By installing SPY Remover right now, you can immediately scan for spyware threats on your system and you can begin enjoying the protection that SPY Remover has to offer. - Free Download.

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Spy Voice Recorder 3.24: Spy Voice Recorder, computer sound monitor expert spying voice chat messengers.
Spy Voice Recorder 3.24

Spy mode for recording. With the help of background work, auto hides, auto startup, hotkey setup and access password protection, Spy Voice Recorder is very stealthy and invisible. Spy Voice Recorder is directed to voice spy of home computer. Compared with usual audio recorder, this sound monitor software has highlighted feature as a spy tool; it is just like a sound snooper. Spy Voice Recorder plays a great role in spying online voice chat of child

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